MELT® Sessions


MELT Method® is a gentle self-care practice that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and aids to reduce persistent pain while easing the mind and restoring overall wellbeing.

What is the MELT Method®?

The MELT Method® was created by New York City manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann. Using MELT® techniques, a latex free soft body roller, and four uniquely designed latex free hand & foot treatment balls, MELT® is designed to reconnect whole-body communication, rebalance the nervous system, stimulate the connective tissue, and release compression in the joints.


New research has revealed that the missing link to pain-free living is a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to provide support for the body and optimal mind-body communication. The MELT Method® is a self-care practice option that directly addresses these two systems of the body.

Benefits of practicing MELT®:

The ultimate goal of MELT® is to improve the body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself, which can create lasting changes.


This self-care practice method can assist in changing in one’s alignment and posture which improves joint mobility and stability.


Regular practice of MELT® helps the body to stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime.